About Us

Who is the Los Niños De La Calle Con Wendy Foundation?

Los Niños De La Calle Con Wendy (Children of the Street with Wendy) foundation is a non denominational, non-profit organization, 501(c)(3), dedicated to helping children, families and individuals who are affected by the injustices of life, whether it is due to poverty, abuse, neglect or disease. Motivated in honor of Wendy Trujillo, we serve children, families and individuals of low economic status in hope of providing them with an opportunity to a better future.

History & Motivation

wendy-y-las-ninasThis organization was founded in March of 2005 out of a family’s devotion to keep their daughter and sister’s (Wendy Trujillo) legacy alive. Wendy Trujillo, an Orange County teacher and CSUF alumni, had dedicated most of her time to helping children. She was a great individual who always found time in her busy schedule to help those in need, especially children. Wendy always knew how to make the most of the 24 hours of her day.

She was able to juggle her time between teaching in an Elementary school, attending the university for her master’s degree in school administration, being an active member of her church’s youth group, volunteering for reading events at Librería Martínez Books & Art Gallery, tutoring children, and going on trips to Tijuana, Mexico to visit needy children.

Wendy had many dreams and goals in life, most of which involved the well-being of children. She left this world with some of her dreams unfinished due to her sudden death (fatal car accident), but her family and friends are willing to continue on with her dreams through Los Niños De La Calle Con Wendy foundation. Wendy strongly believed that all children should be provided with the opportunity and tools for a better future, and that is what this organization is wiling to work hard for.

Our Team

team-08Los Niños De La Calle Con Wendy foundation is able to help children in need thanks to the support, dedication and hard work of its volunteers. The volunteers donate many hours of their time not only to personally provide services to needy children and their families, but also to raise funds to provide them with food, clothing, medical care, school materials and much more.

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